Guest Reviews

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"We enjoyed the marvelous view – felt like the 'swiss family robinson'"
- Andersons ~ Willow, CA 1990

"... This was our 35th anniversary... and let me tell you the best is yet to come!!! This Hideaway added the perfect spark to that old flame. Relaxing, romantic, cool, serene, peaceful, colorful, soothing and alive with the soul of nature. We are blessed to only be 45 min. away Hilo... We will be back again... XOXO Mahalo plenty! 
- Tiris & Diki 2006

We've been blessed to visit many places, none more beautiful than this. We've rented those many places, none more peaceful than this."
- Stephen & Kay ~ Dallas,TX 2006

"We had an absolutely wonderful time. The view, the peace and quiet, pure heaven! Thank-you, we will certainly be back.
- Von & Amber ~ Ft Wayne, IN 2006

"The cliffhouse made the perfect backdrop for our small wedding. Amazing views, beautiful house. One of the best places we have ever stayed. THANKS!"
- Kate & Chad 2006

"Once upon a time two scientists came to visit.
They found peace, quiet, privacy, nature, wildlife, landscapes, waterfalls, ocean breezes, sunsets, a cresent moon. The sounds of night, a sky filled with stars, and the glow of dawn on the emerald cliffs.

They experienced balance, harmony, inspiration, wisdom, and love as well as appreciation and gratitude for this beautiful place. They wished they could stay forever.

One night while gazing at the stairs, he leaned over and kissed her. There was a spark! Then a crackle! In a millisecond, they were transformed into a pair of geckos. Their wish had been granted!

In the evening, if you sit quietly on the sofa, you may see them playing together on the east wall. There they can gaze at cliffs and observe all others who pass through this place on their journey to find the things that really matter. Love, health, beauty, relaitionships, truth and compassion for all living creatures.

- Raul Neal, CA 2011

"Pictures can't show, words can't express. Expected beauty - got perfection.
It feels good, smeels good, sounds good, looks good - even the clouds and rain are nice here.
You want mountains? They're right here. Want the ocean? It's here. Exotic fruits palm trees, sun, rain, nice breeze, sea turtles, colorful fish, horses, birds, shady spots, the valcano, rainforests, It's all in one place"
- Matea Bracor ~ AZ, 2005

"I guess genius can show itself in many ways. Mozart, Eistein, Joyce, and Picasso gave us symponies and formulas and novels and paintings. All very well. But you have given us the Hamakua Hideaway! This place is clearly a product of genius! It is inspired and inspiring...  Reading these guest books made Alisa cry - they made me feel lucky and blessed to have found this place!"
- Alisa & Buddy Carvy 2005

"Last night as the world awaited the deadline for Iraq to pull out Kuwait,
I wished desperately that the peace of this spot could be spread around the globe." 
- Frank Taylor ~ Brea, KY Jan 16, 1991

Stories & Excerpts from our guest books Shared over the past 28 years...  

"We've lived here all our lives and have never felt this connected to the beauty around us. It was a calming, uplifiting, and grace filled couple of days that we will never forget. Thank you!"
-Jess and Kawika ~ Kamuela, HI 2011

"Ahh - Another wonderful stay at the Hamakua Hideaway Cliffhouse... Mahalo Kristan, Maile & Deva for your wonderful hospitality. Mahalo much, I love it here, Waipio is such a Magical place for me. Volcano - Waipio, two different places, both Magical, I have the best of both worlds! Again Mahalo Kristan for letting me enjoy your beautiful Hale! Love you!" 
-Joyce Sayles ~ Volcano, HI 2007

"Looking at your website, we couldn't imagine such a place! Yet here it is, and every bit as spectacular. We loved our time here, Mahalo!"
-Joan & Emily ~ CA, 2010

"This hideaway is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. The view takes your breath away and the gardens are stunning. After a dinner of steak and lobster my boyfriend and I sat outside and he proposed while the sun was setting and it could not have been a better spot! We will definitely be back to celebrate an anniversary. 
- Megan & Chase ~ NB, 2014

"We arrived at dusk Thursday, Just in time to watch the light fade on the Cliffs and the stars began to appear. Exhausted, we had dinner and retreated to the wonderfully firm bed. The symphony of nature all around us blew us away. I sleep with ear plugs at home, but never will here. I am a musician, and spent the next few hours lying in the dark directing everything from C.S.N.Y to Nirvana. The next morning, wondering if it was a dream, we ventured to the beach in the valley, and then north to Hawi & East to the other side of the Cliffs ( we call them the "Cliffs of Insanity" from our favorite movie "Princess Bride"). Upon returning we wondered if there would be a repeat performance of the cavalcade of diverse sounds. We were not dissapointed! At one point, the blues scales coming from the dark had me convinced the neighbor was tinkling on a keyboard, or that wind chimes were involved, so I got up and walked to all corners of the property. Every spot I stood had a different song! I went back to bed and recorded the concert at different phases, from the Blues riffs to the Harmonic thirds, just so I could prove to my musical friends back home I wasn't insane. Absolutely wonderfully Funky, Unique, Breathtaking, Joyful experience... Mahalo!
- Dan & Pam ~ WA, 2014